Ovington CC Junior Newsletter – June 2020


The following newsletter was sent out to Juniors and their parents last week. The club are now in a position to have training sessions in some form, so please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Dear all, 

Following a successful trial using current covid-19 guidelines for sports teams with one of our junior teams we would like to start offering more regular training sessions for the members of the  Ovington junior and senior sections if they would like to.

For the junior teams the coaches for the individual age groups will be in touch with regards the potential dates and times of these as well as the method of communication between the coach and the parents of the players. Currently 5 players are permitted per coach and we will do our best to accommodate those players who would like to attend though subject to the availability of the coach(es) this may not always be weekly. It may be that some joint U13/U15 sessions will be offered. As it is not known how long the season will be, whether their will be matches and how many can be accommodated per session we are unsure of the membership fees for the season and so hope that keeping a log of attendees for sessions and retrospectively applying any fees (they will be reduced of course compared with last season) is satisfactory for now and we will confirm more accurately when circumstances allow. 

The captains of the senior teams will be in touch with regards senior training to the senior members.

As a follow on from the winter we are aware that 3 indoor net sessions did not happen and these will be attempted to be redone when bookings allow. It may be that these get added to next winter for example. We will be in touch when we know more about that.

Some good news is that the club have acquired a batting cage which hopefully will allow further training opportunities to previous seasons.

If the general covid-19 guidelines change we will of course amend the training according to them. The current policy regarding training at Ovington CC is attached and must be followed for all training sessions until further notice.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Metcalfe, Chairman of the junior section of Ovington CC


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